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The Spectrum is a digital, peer-reviewed journal published by the Illinois Science Teachers Association. 


Tremendous value comes from the professional writing process when shared with your peers:

  • You have direct involvement with the professional development and growth of your peers and colleagues.
  • You gain greater perspective and insight about your own work.
  • Sharing with peers causes one to be more reflective.
  • Writing for a broader audience expands one's views.
  • Publications enhance one's vitae.
  • Peers provide invaluable feedback.
  • You establish new professional contacts and networks throughout the state.

A few ideas  that will be considered for the journal:

  • A new slant on a recurring theme
  • Book reviews of relevant pieces
  • Content and curriculum ideas
  • Classroom strategies, pedagogy, labs and demonstrations
  • Hot topics
  • Action research
  • Dynamic resources and how you used them
  • Innovations
  • Interesting and unique professional experiences

Submission Criteria

    • Submitted works must be original and not have been published else-where.
    • The author must submit the work as a Word document, preferably of 3000 words or less.
    • All authors' names, affiliations, email addresses, and brief biographies of three or four sentences must be included.
    • Consider including illustrations, photographs, and other graphics as appropriate.
    • Include references and in-text citations in APA style.
    • Illustrations, photographs or graphics that are the work of those other than the authors must be accompanied by permission from the creator and credited appropriately.
Email completed manuscripts that meet the above criteria to
    • Manuscripts will be accepted year round.  The editorial staff will make selections for each edition based on relevance and timeliness of topics.

After Submission

    • Upon receipt of the manuscript authors will be notified.
    • The editorial staff may request revision.
    • Once a determination has been made to include the submitted work in a future edition of the Spectrum, the author(s) will be notified.


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