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Illinois Science Teaching Association

Board of Directors Nominations & Election

The Illinois Science Teaching Association (ISTA) Bylaws and Operating Policy and Procedures outline the nomination and election process.  The purpose is to ensure that highly qualified, dedicated ISTA members serve on the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors are elected by ISTA members and consist of five (5) Executive Officers and fourteen (14) Regional Directors.  ISTA Regional Directors serve staggered two-year terms to ensure continuity, the Vice President and Secretary serve a two-year term, and the President serves a six-year term and shall automatically progress based on the following terms: President-Elect (2 years), President (2 years) and Immediate Past President (2 years), each with a two-year term limit.  The Board of Directors sets policy and makes decisions on behalf of the membership by providing general oversight regarding the affairs of the ISTA, its committees, affiliates and publications; determining its policies or changes therein; actively pursuing ISTA goals and objectives; and monitoring financial affairs. 

To be considered for an open position on the ISTA Board of Directors, other than President-Elect, individuals must be a current member in good standing.  In consideration of President-Elect candidates, any individual member in good standing who has served a minimum of one term on the Board of Directors or who has provided extended service to the association shall be eligible for nomination and election as President-Elect and service in the six-year Presidential term (two years as President-Elect, two years as President, and two years as Past President).  All candidates for all positions must demonstrate a breadth and depth of experience and commitment to ISTA and the science education community in Illinois. This is accomplished through a thorough application process. 




ISTA members may nominate individuals or themselves by completing the online nomination by June 30th.   All eligible nominees will receive ISTA’s governing documents and are asked to complete the Application for ISTA Board of Director Service.


Election materials are sent to all nominees and collected by the Elections Committee Chair and Past President.  The Nominations and Elections Committee convenes to share the nominee insights and develop a slate of candidates.  The slate of candidates is sent to the ISTA Executive Committee for certification.  

Once the slate is certified, a ballot is created.  Ballots are sent to all active ISTA Members by September 1st.  Voting occurs electronically for a period of two weeks; all ballots must be received by September 15th for counting. 


The results are reviewed by the Nominations and Elections Committee and then sent to the Board of Directors to be certified.  Within five (5) days of final certification, all candidates will be contacted individually by the Nominations and Elections Committee with election results.   Formal results are presented on ISTA letterhead via email to the candidates.  

Final election results are made public via the official ISTA website and email list within one (1) week of notification of the candidates.  The duly elected Board of Directors will be announced to the membership at the annual membership meeting following the Board of Directors election. The ISTA website will be updated to reflect the duly elected Board of Directors after the annual membership meeting that follows the Board of Directors election.



Election held in year ending in an odd number.
Term begins in the year ending in an even number.

  • Region 1 Director A
  • Region 2 Director A
  • Region 3 Director A
  • Region 4 Director A 
  • Region 5 Director A
  • Region 6 Director A
  • Region 7 Director A


      Election held in year ending in an even number.

      Term begins in the year ending in an odd number.


      • President-Elect
      • Vice President
      • Secretary
      • Region 1 Director B
      • Region 2 Director B
      • Region 3 Director B
      • Region 4 Director B 
      • Region 5 Director B
      • Region 6 Director B
      • Region 7 Director B



      ISTA Board of Directors Positions & Candidate


      Elected ISTA Board of Directors 

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